crafted by photobiz

Lifestyle Session: Starting at $1200


This style of photography is a blended craft. Where Brooke mixes your family favorites with her artistic approach to things and creates a beautiful family memory presented in an archival coffee table book. Brooke will assist you with clothing choices, locations, ideas of what to do and will suggest accessories and props to enhance the shoot.


Imagine this with me...

It's a beautiful summer day and you are the first of your family to wake up. The sunrise has barely left the horizon and the birds have been singing for almost an hour already. You grab a blanket and climb out of your tent to start making coffee while the rest of your family wakes up. While in the moment of silence you realize, this is your life in full speed. You don't want to forget these moments. You want to capture them as if somehow preserving the feeling of pure family joy. So you decide the moment you get home you're going to call your favorite photographer to do just that. Wait no you just can't wait so you send Brooke an email. Letting her know your family moments are important and you want her to capture them for you, for a lifetime. This is what I call Lifestyle photography.

Camping isn't your thing? No worries, Brooke has many ideas and can photograph any family activity into a cherished moment.

Want to have a playdate with Brooke? Want to do something different this year? Mention the Lifestyle session next time you book.